Call for Papers


M infiniti welcomes research articles for the forthcoming issue of our online journal from research scholars, academicians, students and industry experts to share their valuable experience and research findings to the world of scholars and experts.

When submitting script for publication in M-Infiniti, submit an original script in word document (.doc, docx) format. All figures, images, tables, etc., should be available into the original script. Detailed instructions on preparing papers for submission can be found in the submission guidelines


Manuscripts   should    be    submitted    in    Word    file    format and   sent   by   email to Texts should have no extra spaces between paragraphs, headers, or any other special formatting.

All the original texts should be presented in final version, which must not exceed 50,000 characters with spaces (including notes and bibliographic references). Texts should be sent in Word, formatted in size 12 Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing and with normal margins (2.5 cm top and bottom; 3 cm right and left).

Authors details should not be enclosed in the manuscript instead it should be included in a separate document which should contain for each author the following details: name, institutional affiliation and corresponding address, email address and postal address.

Manuscripts submitted to M-Infinity may include tables, figures, photographs or drawings that illustrate or clarify the arguments made, if in limited number and with good quality (resolution of 300 dpi and 11 cm wide, min.) for printing in black and white. Images must be sent in the same text document and the if the images include text, the font used should be Helvetica (or Arial, alternatively), size 9, regular. All images must be accompanied by a clear indication of the source and respective copyright.

Footnote numbers should be superscript and placed after the punctuation mark. Example: “as can be easily seen.3”

Cross-references within the text should be made by using the accepted Latin expressions (cf. supra, cf. infra), always in italics and in full.

Bibliographic references should always be made within the text by indicating between parentheses the author’s last name, the publication date and, if applicable, the page number(s) (after a colon). In the case of an indirect quotation, this information should be preceded by the word apud. Examples:

The complete list of works cited in the text (and only these) should be included at the end, with the title “References” and it should follow APA formatting style.

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