Author Instructions

M INFINITI Journal Guidelines for Authors


a) General Framework

  • Research papers and cases should be supported, with empirical data and analysis,indicating the applicability of
  • Quality research paper  not exceeding 7-10 pages, will beaccepted for
  • Researcharticles must be written in Standard English. The manuscripts should be professionally proof-read in terms of clarity, grammar, spellings, punctuation and consistency of references, to minimize editorial
  • All manuscripts must be prepared, according to APA FORMAT, as described in thePublication Manual (6th ), American Psychological Association, 2010.All references should be in ROMAN SCRIPT.
  • Every article should bepreceded by a concise abstract, not exceeding 300  It should be single paragraph. The abstract should describe the background of the study, main objectives of the study, methods, most important results and their significance. Key phrases should be emphasized
  • The research article should contain Abstract, Key Words,Introduction,Statement of the Problem, Objectives of the Study, Hypothesis of the Study, Sample Selection, Data Collection, Period of the Study, Tools Used, Limitations, Analysis and Discussion (including test of hypothesis), Findings and Suggestions, Conclusion, Scope for Further Research, References, Tables, Charts and

b)Editorial Policy

  • Allmanuscripts submitted, will be subjected to PEER BLIND REVIEW and the decision of the Editorial Committee will be
  • First Page should consist of Title of the manuscript, Name(s) of author(s), author(s)present position, other affiliations, complete mailing address(s), both postal and e-mail, mobile numbers and abstract. Second Page should start with the title of the manuscript again, followed by the
  • Experts/ authors are expected to have research exposure, in any particular area, for along period and submit the paper in the same area.
  • Forevery paper, a maximum of five authors would be
  • If the paper is accepted for publication, the authors will be informed by email about the
  • Hard copy of the manuscripts,not considered for publication, will not be returned.